Esalen-Massage+ by Ashema

Welcome to be touched

The strength of my work as a massage therapist is, on the one hand, in my presence while I massage. I listen to my own body as well as to the body of the client, paying attention to their respiration and reacting to small movements or soft exhalations. On the other hand, at the beginning of a massage session, I ask about the client’s physical and emotional well-being and, with that information and my intuition, work to uncover unconscious tensions, to expose jammed emotions, or to evoke forgotten images.

Since July 2007 I have my own massage practice in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Education:

  • 2004: Education in Esalen-Massage in Bali/Indonesia
  • August 2005 – January 2007: In residence at the Esalen Institute in California, USA to
    further training in the Esalen massage as well as training in shiatsu, Thai massage, and Reiki
  • 2010 – August 2013: Training in Somatic Integration – deep connective tissue work
  • Since March 2015 I am in training to learn craniosacral techniques at the Upledger Institut Deutschland


I offer various massages to meet the needs and scheduling of my clients. Details about the individual massages can be found on the page “Offers”.


Massage appointments are possible from Monday to Friday afternoons and evenings as well as weekends. Appointments taken via phone at 030 – 674 696 50 or via email to Book your massage today!